13 Best Artist Website Templates and Beautiful Art Portfolios

As an artist with a portfolio website, I can safely say that using the right site template will help tremendously in successfully showcasing your work, connecting with the audience, and attracting potential clients.

There are a few routes you can take to set up your portfolio website, based on your programming skills. You can consider hiring a developer or, like myself, use a website builder to ease the website design process.

To help you get started, I have gathered 13 artist website templates, and broken them down into three different categories: website builder templates, WordPress themes, and HTML5 templates.

Let’s take a look at each of these best artist website templates.

Website Builder Templates

Website builders generally come with customizable pre-built website templates — meaning you don’t need any coding skills to design a site.

You can add and delete sections and pages as well as adding elements like images, videos, and buttons to the design effortlessly.

If you’re looking to build a portfolio website fast and easily without discounting its look, this is the best route to go with. Despite their ease of use and customizability, each design is unique and equipped with different features based on its niche.

Take a look at the four portfolio site templates from three different site builders below and see which one matches your needs best.

1. Classon by Squarespace

Much like Modern Artist, Classon by Squarespace also caters to creatives looking to sell their artwork.

However, Classon is much more straightforward with their intention. Scrolling down on the homepage, you can display a selection of your works with a sliding effect. The minimalist design removes any distractions.

Menus on both the header and footer section appear simple and clean. A shopping cart icon inhabits the top right corner of the page.

When it comes to pricing, Squarespace doesn’t have a free plan. However, you can take advantage of its 14-day free trial to see whether or not this template suits your needs.

The prices for Squarespace plans start from $12 per month.

If you’re looking for a clean and simple template for selling your artwork, Classon is an excellent choice.

2. Modern Art by Zyro

Modern Art by Zyro offers a clean and contemporary look with its generous combination of white spaces and serif fonts.

Scrolling through the template, you find several sections displaying a single image with a block of text on the side. This layout is excellent for building a deep connection with your audience.

You can easily customize it with the help of the drag-and-drop function and the grid system equipped by Zyro website builder. The platform also offers a selection of AI tools to help build a strong brand.

Modern Art is fully responsive and mobile-ready, maintaining your brand’s look across various devices.

To create a website with Zyro, you must opt for one of its plans starting from $1.99 per month.

Whether you want to display your portfolio or plan an exhibition, Modern Art is a great choice for showcasing your work.

3. Modern Artist by Wix

Modern Artist by Wix comes with seven pre-built pages: a homepage, four showcase pages, a store page, and an artist bio page.

They work well for marketing all kinds of artwork — painting, photography, and ceramic arts, for example. The possibilities are endless.

This website template has a sticky left sidebar, making it easy to navigate between pages. You can take potential customers to see behind the scenes of your artwork creation by taking advantage of the showcase pages.

Keep in mind that this type of page implements a one-column layout. So, it may take a couple of scrolls to go through the page.

You can use the Modern Artist template for free. Upgrading to a premium plan for $14 per month gives you 3GB bandwidth and the ability to connect the site to your domain.

4. Otto by Squarespace

This artist website template by Squarespace gives a classic and mysterious feel because of its monochromatic grey color scheme.

Otto uses a one-page web design to display every bit of information you want to share with visitors — including artist bio, projects, experiments, and contact information.

A gallery slider is available for showcasing your artwork without occupying too much space. The pop-up animation gives it a modern touch.

As its layout resembles an online Curriculum Vitae, Otto is an ideal pick for attracting future collaborators and clients.

To use this template, you must purchase Squarespace’s plan.

WordPress Themes

WordPress themes work for websites built on that platform. You can customize the HTML and CSS code via a text editor or modify the elements with a theme builder.

If that’s too much of a hassle for you, consider opting for one of these artist themes instead.

5. Red Art

If you’re an established artist with some money to spare, consider buying Red Art theme for $59 per regular license.

This WordPress theme is a professional portfolio with well-thought-out menus and sections to showcase your work.

The header has an image slider that previews the previous and next pictures when you hover over the navigation icons.

Scrolling down, you find an art gallery split into several tags. An image’s title and link to its showcase page will appear as you hover over one.

All in all, Red Art is great for established artists from all kinds of fields who want to announce upcoming events, sell artworks, or simply tell their stories.

6. Ink Tattoo Studio

Despite catering to tattoo artists with its strong and bold color scheme, the Ink Tattoo Studio WordPress theme is suitable for any creators who work collaboratively.

This theme neatly presents different artist’s bios and portfolios on a one-page layout. Below it, you can find an FAQ and contact information section — two elements you definitely want to have on a business/portfolio site.

The sticky header menu allows you to quickly find particular information without needing to scroll down. This means it’s straightforward and easy to navigate.

If you don’t like the default color scheme, feel free to pick your own color style. You can also turn it into a multi-page theme and create dedicated menu pages.

The bottom line: this is a versatile theme, customizable however you like.

Ink Tattoo Studio theme costs $29 per regular license.

7. Elegant Portfolio

Elegant Portfolio is the child theme of the Perfect Portfolio WordPress theme. It’s free to download and will make your portfolio website look professional with its sleek design.

The theme is great for agencies and freelancers who work in creative industries like web design, digital branding, and product design.

Right below the header is a section for showcasing your work in a grid layout — a great design if you aim for a neat and clean look.

The layout also makes it easier to convert the site into a blog, should you need one in the future.

If you’re looking for a simple and affordable theme, Elegant Portfolio is definitely worth considering.

HTML5 Templates

This type of template solely runs on websites built with HTML and CSS. Similarly, you can only customize them with an HTML editor.

Unless you have a deep understanding of the markup language, I wouldn’t recommend building an online portfolio this way.

In case you have an HTML website, feel free to use these templates straight away or as inspiration.

8. Artifice — CSS Template

Artifice is a free CSS website template with a saturated design and a three-column layout.

The homepage template comes with a header menu containing five items you can link to other pages of your choice.

More links are available on the body section, perfect for redirecting visitors to your highlighted artworks.

For an artist website, Artifice’s design leans towards a blog-style portfolio.

Why not make the best out of it? Create a blog page where you talk about your knowledge in the field. Doing so will improve the value of your artwork and gain respect from your audience.

9. Pictures — Bootstrap Template

Pictures template oozes a happy-go-lucky vibe with its colorful color schemes. It uses color blocking to differentiate each section, keeping your site clutter-free.

The header has an image slider showcasing up to three pictures. The thick cursive font on top of the slider gives a bit of a retro feel.

The template also comes with a built-in testimonial carousel slider and a sticky header menu to ease the navigation.

The pricing packages section and Google Maps integration can help get your business noticed.

Pictures is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a scalable website template. You can receive up to 50 contact form submissions per month with the free Starter plan. Once you gain more entries, you can upgrade to the Liberty plan for $10 per domain.

If you want to improve your artwork and business’ discoverability, I highly recommend using this website template.

10. Five Star — HTML & Bootstrap Template

Five Star is a free template catering to artists with a keen eye for design.

It provides you with three pages to customize. The three-line menu icon keeps the homepage clutter-free, allowing your website name and background image to take the front stage.

Each section has generous white space, making the entire page look clean and professional. Emphasizing its organized design, Five Star also optimizes the use of the footer to display additional information like newsletter signup form, social media buttons, and an Instagram feed.

There’s also a video widget you can use to further improve your site’s content, be it to display the making process of your artwork or your biography as an artist.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with using Five Star as your site’s template.

11. Art — HTML5 Template

Art web template equips you with plenty of layouts to choose from. Each one of them has a clean and premium design, instilling a professional vibe.

Not only that, but they’re also fully responsive and customizable — enabling you to create a portfolio website unlike any other.

This template also has six header options. If you find the header distracting, you can hide it for selected pages. The built-in scroll animations further spice up the entire design.

In case you want to start blogging, Art is ready to accommodate your needs from the get-go. With six post formats at the ready, you can create any type of content hassle-free.

That being said, Art is excellent for artists who value professionalism, flexibility, and uniqueness.

Art costs $16 per regular license.

12. Art Gallery — HTML5 Template

Art Gallery is a feature-packed web template with an overall clean and sophisticated design.

Aimed towards professional art galleries, you find all the features you need from an art gallery website — including various types of galleries, a pricing section, an artist bio section, and a testimonial section.

This responsive template also offers a blog and contact information section where you can entice visitors into visiting your gallery.

Not only that, but Art Gallery also equips you with a personalized 404 and 503 page as well as a well-designed countdown timer on the maintenance page. That way, you get to keep visitors engaged even when your website is out of commission.

Compared to other artist website templates in my list, Art Gallery is by far the most expensive one — costing $75 per one-time usage license.

13. Multiverse — HTML5 Template

If you love Flickr, Unsplash, and other photo discovery platforms, you might want to try the Multiverse web template.

This free template can turn your site into a professional digital gallery. With a three-column grid layout, you get to present all your shots neatly and straightforwardly.

The grid layout is adjustable, depending on the screen size. On mobile mode, it turns into a one-column grid layout, allowing visitors to navigate through the page just by scrolling up and down.

When you click on an image, the page will zoom on it and display the shot’s title and detail at its bottom — a small yet crucial feature for storytelling purposes.

To conclude, Multiverse is an excellent choice for your gallery site.

What Makes a Great Artist Website

I believe an artist’s website is a reflection of their craft to their audience, potential clients, and future opportunities. Therefore, you need to make a great portfolio site to keep your visitors’ attention at an all-time high.

Besides having a domain name, it needs a catchy and memorable logo to help you stand out. The site also needs to be SEO-friendly to increase its visibility on the search results pages.

Design-wise, keeping your online portfolio concise and clutter-free will improve its navigation. Make your visitors’ stay worthwhile by providing functional features and high-quality content. You can ensure the latter by being selective in choosing the artistry you want to display.

As your digital representation, your online portfolio needs to showcase who you are as an artist and a person. You can do so by introducing yourself and making a personal connection with your audience via various social media platforms.

Don’t let the audience’s visit to your site be the first and last time they see your crafts.

Artist Website Templates: My Choice

Despite having plenty of great artist website templates to choose from, my personal choice has to be Modern Art by Zyro.

As an artist who wants an easy and affordable solution for web design, Modern Art meets all my needs. Not only is it easy to work with, but it’s also intuitive and SEO-optimized.

All elements within the web template are customizable to my liking. Plus, Zyro has all the tools I need to ease the design process and support my online portfolio’s growth.

Now that you know my choice of templates, it’s time to choose yours.

When you make a purchase through links on my post, I may earn an affiliate commission.

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